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U.S. DOT and Pre-employment Drug Testing
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Our Conway location is permanently closed.

You can visit our North Little Rock or Searcy locations for your drug, alcohol, and paternity testing needs. Please call 866-309-5618, Ext. 0, if you need more information.

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Our Vision

As drug and alcohol abuse continues to rise in the United States, the importance of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace has become critical. Drug and alcohol use can lead to accidents, injuries, and decreased productivity, making it crucial for employers to implement a safe and drug-free work environment. Our company specializes in providing drug and alcohol testing services to businesses of all sizes to help ensure a safe and productive workplace.



At Xpert Diagnostics, we understand the importance of fast, accurate, and reliable drug screening results. That's why we use only HHS-certified laboratories. HHS certification means the laboratory must meet strict standards that ensure the highest quality laboratory testing services.

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